Monday, January 11, 2010

Review - Hush my Mouth by Cathy Pickens

Author: Cathy Pickens
(Southern Fried Mystery)
Page Count 319
Avery Andrews is a small town lawyer and when her first case turns into part of a cold murder Avery can't help but wonder what will get the better of her, fixing up the home she now resides in which used to be a Funeral Home or a cold murder case?
To top off her day group of ghoster hunters arrive in Dacus and wanting directions to the nearest haunting.
in one day life turns into one surprise after another as Fran French enters Avery's life with the news that her friend Neanna has disappeared and she is sure that it is linked to what happened to Neanna's mother a long long time ago.
Delving into family trees and secrets is always interesting but this time Avery can't close the coffin lid until she know who and what is buried where and how, and as southern as she is she knows the best way to find out what you need to know is to shut up and make others talk. Sounds easy but try it sometime and you'll understand why one case leads to another which lead to murder. Why a suicide isn't always a suicide and why ghost hunting can be rush you to the other side faster than by way of the cemetary.
In other words you have to read this cozy and you'll be trapped because then there is no way you can't pick up another southern fried mystery.
Tongues will be wagging for years to come over HUSH MY MOUTH by Cathy Picken ********
Pamela James

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