Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review - Thai Die by Monica Ferris

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Pub date: December/09
Doris Valentine went on her dream vacation to Thailand but soon the dream vacation is a waking night and daymare. She was asked to bring a small stone Budha back with her and deliver it to an antique shop. It was wrapped in a dirty rag to which she threw in Betsy's trash while showing off her fine silks and the Budha to other stitchers.
Betsy salvages the dirty rag because while horribly filthy it has some beautiful emboridery work on it and she wants to see if she can find a way to clean it. However shortly after Doris visits the shop of the anitque dealer he is found murdered and soon thereafter her apartment is broken into the culprit was searching for something.
This upsets Doris very much and to take her mind off of it she and friends leave town to visit a sheep farm and knitting shop. There is a snowstorm and have to spend the night upon which someone tries to shoot Doris and the culprit ends up dead at the bottom of the stairs. This puts Doris into hiding and meanwhile Betsy has her own problems. First she has to fire her two part-time helpers and then she goes in search of where the dirty rag orginated from and from there it's mayhem and a touch of madness asBetsy closes in on a killer.
When two more murders happen Betsy is sure that whatever happens she has to know the story behind Doris's trip to Thailand.
THAI DIE by Monica Ferris is quite an exotic mystery and there is quite the education of silk fibers. I threaded my way through the plot and it all tied together very nice at the end.
Pamela James **********

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  1. Very good description of events. I enjoyed this one & forgot I read it until I read your review. It was an enjoyable quick read.


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