Monday, March 1, 2010

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

Okay, so February has been slightly more full of mayhem than magic, but at least it turned out all right. For one thing my great-granddaughter, Kasumi Oshita, turned two on February 27. Yay! You can see pics of her and her brother Andrew on my website. Both children are ever so worth looking at:

Second, I called my brother, Elbert H. (for Homstead, which is the most important part of his name, as you’ll see if you keep reading) Duncan, Jr., in Washington, DC, to see how he and his wife Connie were surviving the ghastly snowstorms. He told me they were fine, and then he told me something I never knew about my dad’s side of the family, but which makes at least part of my writing life easier to comprehend. Evidently the Homsteads were very heavily into spiritualism. Therefore, when he read my last month’s blog about how Daisy Gumm Majesty (HUNGRY SPIRITS, June 2010) ended up with my personal soul mate, Rolly, he told me all about the spiritualistic side of the family. El said he went to séances all the time when he was a kid, and I never would have known that if I hadn’t confessed to Rolly’s birth. Or rebirth. Whatever. Evidently, when El was growing up, any time they heard a bump in the house, our grandmother would tell him, “Oh, that’s just Edna.” Edna, by the way, was our mutual Grammy Afton’s late sister. So there you go. You learn something every day, and that day I learned that I come by my spiritualistic bent naturally!

What I didn’t mention last month was that my very first experience with the Ouija board occurred when I was a secretary at Avon Cosmetics in Pasadena, CA. The Big Boss’s secretary brought her Ouija board to work one day, and we played around with it. At that time the board told me I was going to be married three times, the third marriage would last for fifty years, and that I’d die when I’m 94 by strangling on a clothesline. I’ve since learned that Ouija boards can be great jokers. I guess so 

Anyhow, that was the fun part of February, which lasted maybe three days. Then came the chaos. My cousin, Jerry Wilson, offered to refinish the totally icky floors in my house (I use the term “my” advisedly, since I’m probably going to have to sue my sister in order to get her to let me buy out her half of the place. Sigh). However, because of Jerry’s kind offer, I hauled everything out of the house and moved my five wiener dogs and one ringer (Scrappy, the miniature pinscher/Chihuahua mix; I call him a minchihuahua) to the little room off the garage. We were there all. month. long. Through snowstorms and decent weather. So, okay, we live in Roswell, New Mexico, and our snowstorms aren’t the big deals they are in, say, Washington, DC, where my poor brother lives.

Then my computer crashed. Actually, it was the CPU fan (whatever that is) that was damaged. Naturally, I didn’t have any of my editing work backed up, although I did back up the book I was writing. Writing books, however, doesn’t pay the kibble bill. Editing does. Bless the man who fixed the computer, he managed to e-mail the relevant files to me so I could continue earning a living. In the little room off the garage.

And then my glasses broke! I can’t even find my glasses when I take them off to shower, so this was another terrible catastrophe. Fortunately, I took them to a glasses place, they replaced the stem (or the eyepiece, or whatever you call it). The new stem doesn’t match the old one, but I have glasses again!

Not only that, but I got to move back into the house last week, and it’s perfectly gorgeous! And it no longer spells of 40-year-old doggie piddle! Now, if I could only find the cord to my digital camera, which I know is around here somewhere (or in the garage or the room off the garage), I’ll ever be able to take pictures!


  1. I swear - I am so glad to make a fresh start with a new month today! LOL

    Glad the guy saved your files!


  2. LOL. You are not alone on February being an interesting month, although I will say I think that you took it to a new level. Glad to hear the floors in your house are done and lovely. I would love to see a picture if the cord ever turns up.

  3. I hate to say it but I'm still looking for a few things from when we moved out for some remodeling and that been 3 years LOL Good luck! Yes Feb did have some irritating things happen to you but they could have always been worse LOL I know you know what I mean!
    Interesting about Edna. When I think of a Quija board I think of being scared most of the time with one LOL
    Fun Blog I enjoyed thank you

  4. Thanks, Terri!

    And Mare, I forgot to mention that I also got called to jury duty in February and pulled a groin muscle whilst moving things in and out of the house. Hurts like a . . . well, a very bad word :)

    Oh, dear. The notion of never finding stuff is one I don't like to thing about, although I do know that I got my last year's receipts and a trash bag mixed up and managed to throw out the receipts. Sigh. I hate moving, even when I'm not moving anywhere but to the garage!

  5. Hmm. I wonder if Edna knows Rolly? ;-)


  6. Interesting question, Liz! It's possible. According to Homstead family history, my father could have inherited a castle in Scotland (where Rolly's from) if he paid the back taxes. Since nobody in the family had any money or any desire to live in a drafty old castle, he passed on the deal :)Anyhow, Edna and Rolly might have been great buds.

  7. I knew it! You and I are not only soul sisters, but my Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone family is related to King Duncan of Scotland. Okay, so it was a long, long, long way back. You are such a fun person, I'm claiming the relation. No wonder there is so much spiritualism in my family. It's your fault. LOL Sorry, I have to blame someone. Up until now I had blamed my dad's family and my maternal grandmother (also Scot Irish).

    I'm so sorry you has such an abysmal February. Ours was pretty rotten also, including my youngest daughter in the "our." She tore the cartilage in her knee and is in one of those immobilizers while she teaches her library classes. So, we have her two dogs so she won't have to walk them this week. With our own menagerie, it's quite the houseful.

    Better luck this month, Alice.

  8. Caroline! Feel free to blame me for everything. That's funny! I'd love to know more about my family history, but I don't know how to get about it, Duncan being about as common a name as Smith in Scotland, but I bet we are distantly related! What fun! Very sorry about your daughter's injury. I managed to injure myself, too, in February. Sigh. What is it with this year, anyway? It's only the first of March, and I want the whole year to be over with!

  9. February was very intersting for our family as well. My mother wound up in a shelter after losing electricity and heat for 4 days. She lived too far for us to go and get her whent hey shut downt he highways. Marhc is another month though. We shall have to see what adventures it brings.

  10. Alice, I love this blog. Finally, I found someone whose life is as chaotic as mine. Glad they were able to find your files. I lost mine last month, too.

    Just curious, how many times have you been married? LOL

  11. I hope March will be a better month, Debby, but I'm starting it with a groin injury, so it's painful so far :)

    Liz! I'm so glad I'm not alone in my chaos! I've only been married twice, but I've had lots of miserable relationships. Sigh.


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