Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Winds

I'm a cross stitcher and I'm a reader. Do you ever have to decide what you are going to do on the days you have free time? Do I stitch or do I read? That is the question and for me I try to do both hobbies on those days but since I'm an author I often feel guilty when I am not spending ten hours a day at my desk.
Then along the way I learned something very important to me (probably not to you) but that is I need everything to make me a balanced more effective person. I need to stitch because it not only gives me something to do when husband watches mind numbing shows every weekend but it gives me a sense of satisfaction to complete a project. (This shows me my time isn't wasted) and I CAN waste time. I NEED to read I have needed to read since I learned to read. I love mysteries because I'm convinced reading mysteries keeps my mind busy (which is a good thing so I don't reach the dottering stage too soon) if ever.
I write because writing is like breathing now I didn't say heavy breather or that I breathe in all good things (this is what rewriting is for) and that some days aren't shallow breathing. Or for that matter like the March winds that some days (like today) I'm not a little windier than I should be (don't look windier up in the dictionary because it's probably not a word), again one needs balance. I will say that since I tried to balance my life I have less time to worry if my life is balanced.
I'm still trying to work on the perfect writing schedule for me.  Although why I am trying to work this out I will say that I am writing, blogging, reviewing, interviewing and keeping up with other writing obligations.
How about you is your life balanced? Are you ready to become unhinged and does the squeaky wheel get all the attention while other things slide? I might add here that unless you count family I really don't have much of a social life....well away from the computer.

Until next blog.....


  1. Maintaining balance is a big challenge. And Feb was a not so much of that month for me. But now March has blown in and we'll see how it goes. I have something every weekend planned so that could be good or bad. It is racing season (and the races seem better this year so far) so that adds more stitching time for me. No real signs of spring yet but I am hoping....


  2. I would have to say I'm very out of balance. I know exactly what you mean about the decision about reading or crafting. Happily audio books are helping for now, but I too have to do everything to feel complete.

  3. Audio books are good and I once considered taking up yoga to find balance then I thought it really wouldn't help if I couldn't get out of the position so I took up cross stitch.

  4. Actually Yoga is more stretching and breathing than anything else. I like it but it costs so much around here.

    Meditation helps a lot but lord knows I got out of that too

  5. hummm, balance life. But think about that for a while. LOL!

  6. Debra & Terri,
    Yep trying to balance everything can be tricky. I just got tired of the guilt. LOL Terri I can understand meditation but not so sure about some of the yoga positions I've seen done. Just not that limber although Frank did buy me a bike (used) and I will be trying the bike out as I used to love bike riding, I always walk and so we shall see how I hold up after bike riding this spring. LOL

  7. I have a tough time with this too as I'm writing during my day job and don't get home until 7 or 8, and after being front of the computer all day hardly want to get back in front of one again.

    It is a tough balance with our busy lives.



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