Monday, March 1, 2010

Pamela's Feb reads

DECKED WITH FOLLY by KATE KINGSBURY: This was my favorite book of the month. 9/10 *
AUNT DIMITY TAKES A HOLIDAY by NANCY ATHERTON : This one didn't quite hit the spot 6/10 *
The CIRCLE by PETER LOVESAY: I loved this book and it's about a group of writers and authors. Murder happens and imaginations run amuck. Very well plotted and some endearly flawed characters. 8/10 *
KILLER HEELS by SHERYL J. ANDERSON I loved the humor in this mystery and if you like a good chick lit mystery this is the book for you. 8/10 *
IT HAPPENED ON KNIFE: by JEFFERY COHEN: Another mystery with humor and I am enjoying it but I have not finished reading this book so scoring will have to wait.

Pamela James

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