Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review - Biggie and The Mangled Mortician

large print -hardcover
;Texas grandma Biggie Weatherford loves to sleuth local murders. J.R. her grandson narrates this series and he tells it like only a ten year old can and JR always ends up helping solve the murders.
In this book the mortican retires and the new mortican is murdered. Biggie has a list of suspects and since the florist is also the Police Chief until they can find someone else willing to take the job Biggie is definitely in great demand to solve the murder. She sends Rosebud (her handyman) to Arkansas to check out Pastor Poteet and low and behold if Rosebud doesn't find out that Monk Carter the murder victim isn't from Arkansas too and he isn't no mortican. What he was is a bad guy and trouble, Rosebud finds out that Rev.Poteet is also a gambler.
The plot thickens and even JR's four pet mice help in a way only four pet mice running loose can and JR is sure he is going to be in trouble but instead Biggie rewards the mice.
This is a light, fast and fun mystery with memorable characters. I enjoyed reading this mystery last week and if you enjoy a messy murder and a murder victim who had to die because he was just too bad to live, if you like to laugh and want a book to read while drinking your ice tea or rather sweet tea and if you like coconut layer cake then BIGGIE AND THE MANGLED MORTICIAN is your slice of heaven.

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