Friday, March 19, 2010

Review - It Happened One Knife by Jeff Cohen

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Genre: Mystery Series
ISBN: 978-0-425-22256-0
Page count: 296

Elliot Freed is thrilled that his renovations are almost done and this all movie theatre 'Comedy Tonight' is ready and waiting for movie goers. Being the nice guy that he is he allows his young film projectionist to air his film debut "Killin Tim" which is anything but funny, the problem arises when the film disappears and Elliot becomes the leading suspect. He didn't do it and he'll tell anyone who listens that he didn't take the Anthony's film. If this weren't enough to keep Elliot preoccupied then there is the fact that Elliot will be hosting a special showing of CRACKED ICE a Lillis & Townes comedy duo that is sure to please your funny palette.
Harry Lillis tells Elliot after the showing late that night that Les Townes murdered his actress wife and got away with it all those many decades ago. Elliot does his research and before he knows it he's hooked on finding out more about Vivian Reynold's death.
Elliot works up the nerve to go talk to Les Townes and his son Wilson but the visit doesn't go as planned and Wilson shoots him. Soon there is more than one death threat and another murder before we know it going to the movies is not laughing matter.
Elliot and his exwife rekindle their relationship and only hope they can finish it and then there is the staff at the theatre. Sophie runs the candy counter and these days she's wearing goth black and men might as well be a four letter word. Anthony is sulking and glaring at Elliot plus asking "WHy did you take my film?" The new guy Johnathan blushes at everything and every one . What's with him always wearing sandals and would it hurt the kid to be a little outgoing?
Needless the say Elliot has high drama on all fronts and murder is just the beginning of the story.
IT HAPPENED ONE KNIFE by Jeffrey Cohen is a wonderful tribute to comedy, movies, books and aging film stars. You will not be sorry you bought this book but will in fact never want the book to end.
Pamela James

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  1. I am half-way through the book and enjoying it! Jeff really has some great lines!



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