Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Review - Murder at Longbourn

Genre: Cozy Mystery Series (first book in series)
Hardcover-large print edition
ISBN: 978-1-80285-701-8
Elizabeth Parker is taking a New Year's stance. She is getting rid of all things unhealthy for her and she started with her boyfriend, then has dumped fatty foods, sugar and quite frankly taking bad advice. Still she's a little down since her best friend is getting proposed to as the ball will drop at New Years so when an invitation to her help her aunt at her newly opened Bed-n-breakfast arrives well Elizabeth can't pack fast enough for an escape to Cap Cod.
However all is not rosie for Aunt Winnie because one of her friends wants to buy her property and the house. Not going to happen but when he is murdered all fingers point to Aunt Winne. Elizabeth must sleuth and when she does she find many secrets, and that several people had a motive to murder the wealthy man. But the worst is yet to come because also at the bed-n-breakfast is her long time pain in the butt Peter McGowan is all grown up and sexy as ever but he still gets under Elizabeth's skin in more ways than one. Still in this case he might be useful. However her resolution to acheive inner peace may have to wait a bit longer.
This new cozy series has all the makings of a winning combination. Elizabeth Parker has guts, beauty and brains. A cleverly written who dunit with characters that are lively and spunky. Don't miss this new to the scene cozy series.

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