Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Focus on the Positive

I was reading yesterday's Stiletto Gang blog by Rhonda re good news in the News


It got me thinking about something I notice a lot that I find sad and frustrating. We (as a culture) tend to focus soooo much on the negative and bad. The news, popular culture, people talking about heir daily lives. The glass is half empty way more than it it is half full.

I personally try to be as positive as I can most of the time. I think the positive energy draws more of the same to me. Not to say I never get down or negative. I do. But it is a conscious decision on my part. And I wish others would at least be more aware of their negativity. How many people do you know that when you ask how are you, the first response is negative. I have a sinus headache or my boss is driving me crazy? What about great - it is absolutely gorgeous outside... We dont do it as often as we do the negative. Think about it, be aware and sadly, you will see its true.

I remember one morning almost 20 years ago where my boss and my mother were having a subconcious contest trying to outdo each other on who was having a worse time of it. Ick. I STILL remember it clearly because I was disgusted.

And look at the news - ash clouds stopping flights - inconveniencing everyone. Yet have you looked at the beauty of those volcano pictures? Murder of a middle school teacher, fraud by Goldman Sachs, and EVERYONE angry angry angry about Obama, the schism in congress, unemployment etc.... The rare things noted in Rhonda's blog are RARE. Or they just get a tiny sound bite. Occasionally we get a Sully Sullenburg but not often. Ratings are better for the bad stuff. People react more to the bad stuff.

The tea parties and their anger are not productive (as they really arent offering workable solutions) just rhetoric. And got knows the media sells that big time. You don't like the solutions being offered by congress (and truthfully I am not a fan of a lot of it) but where are the alternatives. Workable, concrete alternatives? Put them out there. If they make sense, I might just support them. But emotions and slogans. Nope. And certainly not hate and anger and if there is one thing we have seen way too much of lately - its that. Ugly ugly ugly.

People like to bitch (I am no exception) but they carry this into their interpersonal relations, fighting rather than making positive change.

And we CAN promote those who offer workable alternatives in a positive manner. Say hey - this could work. Support those who work with BOTH sides. Support those who try to make positive change. Not just for social and political changes but for those who try and improve their daily lives. Trying to be respectful of those around them, Being nice instead of cranky or pushy. Maybe smiling to someone who looks like they are having a bad day. And like Rhona, sharing the GOOD STUFF, reminding us, that life is precious and limited by time. So maybe its better if we can make the good stuff take up more of that time in our lives...

Have a GREAT day.


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