Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guest Blogger - Michele Hauf and GIVEAWAY of Moon Kissed

Hi all! A little late up to the plate today (huge apologies to the Mayhem and Magic ladies) but I'm here! You were sitting on pins and needles wondering if I'd show, right? (Maybe just one of you?) Sound like the makings of a thriller, or a story with a…chilling plot! Hee. That's the April topic here at the blog so let's see…

I love a story with a tight, fast-paced plotline that is a mix of romance (naturally), action, and some thrills. And lots of twists! But how to smoothly mix all that together and make it entertaining for the reader? Readers love the same things I do, and if they're looking for something a little chilling, then what better way to deliver than with werewolves and vampires?

Paranormal is my favorite genre because is blends all the above stuff and it tosses in the bonus not-quite-normal characters. HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND is, at its core, an arranged marriage story. My vampire hero marries the local werewolf princess as a means to prove to the opposing forces—wolves and vamps—that they can come together and live peacefully. So the romance, the learning about a new person, and coming to accept them are all there. But also, the couple is surrounded by a political upheaval that threatens them both. While they are falling in love, they must decide if that love is strong enough to see them through the havoc that is taking place all around them. The actions of the world (their individual tribes and packs) have a direct effect on the outcome of their romance. I think it provides some proper suspense, chills and thrills, and I hope readers will enjoy reading along to see if the newlyweds can triumph over all.

I have a copy of MOON KISSED to give away to one commenter today. I want to know what your favorite type of plot is in your reads. Straight romance? Romance combined with action and adventure? Sexy romance? Tell!


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"Vampire's Tango" - March - Nocturne Bites
Her Vampire Husband - April - HQN
Rogue Angel: The Bone Conjurer - May - Gold Eagle (Alex Archer pseudonym)
Angel Slayer - June - Nocturne
"Halo Hunter" - June - Nocturne Bites

She may resist his bite, but she can't resist his charms…
Werewolf princess Blu Masterson won't allow her seductive vampire husband to consummate their marriage with his bite, marking her forever. Alone in a secluded estate with her sworn enemy, Blu curses the marriage arranged to bring their rival nations together, especially since Creed Saint-Pierre calls out to her most feral desires.

When Blu uncovers her pack's secret plot to destroy the vampire nation—and Creed—she is forced to confront her growing feelings for her sexy undead husband. Will she choose the only life she's ever known or accept his vampire bite?

Blurb for Vampire's Tango:
Vampire Alexandre Renard never met a more intriguing woman than Veronica Marshall. He waited for weeks for the mysterious woman to make her move...and wasn't disappointed when they shared a seductive dance at a Paris tango club. Their passion made him want to savor their embrace forever--even though he knew that Veronica was waiting for her chance to destroy him....
Faced with an early death, Veronica wants to do some good in the world before being forced to leave it. But as her game of cat-and-mouse with Alexandre turned into nights of unforgettable pleasure, how could she destroy the man she came to love?
With time--and their enemies--against them, they will have to fight to win just one more day in each other's arms....


  1. THe political dynamic sounds like it really will enhance the relationship struggles. Look forward to reading it!


  2. Michele,
    I like action and adventure mostly books like Indiana Jones there is something about museums and archeolgy plus libraries like in the Librarian that thrill me. LOL I also like humor in my mysteries and I like funny vamps....this was a great blog today and thank you for the giveaway and joining us. I am sure more readers will check in today.

  3. I love stories that weave romances with suspense/action/adventure/mystery and lots of hot spicy sex. :-)


  4. Hmm, I tried to post earlier, but it didn't go through. WIll attempt again. PamelaSue, I was wondering if you'd heard of the Rogue Angel series? Much archaeology and adventure in those stories. Focuses on female heroine, with different stories every other month. I write a few of those, as do others, under the Alex Archer pseudonym.

  5. I have some of the Rogue Angel ones in my piles


  6. Michele.
    No I have not read the Rouge Angel Series but now that you said something I would love to read them. Thank you for bringing it to my attention today.


  7. I love Romance combined with Action and Adventure? Add Mystery Suspense and humor and you have one terrific book.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  8. It depends because if the plot is romantic it doesn't always mean he book is going o be good. So I like any type of plot action,adventure,romantic,mystery as long as the book is good.

  9. I love a good romantic suspense novel. I like suspense in any kind of book I'm reading! I also LOVE paranormals..

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  10. I prefer romance combined with adventure, action and mystery.I enjoy it all.

  11. OUR WINNER: From the drawing is Elizabeth..congrats Liz

  12. Yeah can't wait to read the book :)


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