Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Interview with Connie (A Cross Stitcher)

Connie when did you learn to cross stitch?

I learned to cross stitch about 27 years ago, after I got married. My grandmother had taught me how to embroider when I was little

What are some of your favorite types of floss to use and where do you purchase them?

I still like using DMC thread or Anchor thread.  I get the DMC  at JoAnn’s, but I have to order the Anchor from the site.

Give us an idea on what themes and patterns you like to cross stitch?

I like stitching anything that is something – a landscape, a picture 

Do you apply specialty stitches and what specialty stitches do you use?

French knots are about the only specialty stitch I use. 

So far what is your favorite piece you have cross stitched?

My favorite is After the Rain, and a picture of Santa in his sled that I made for my mom 

What was your most challenging piece?

My son’s Daniel Christmas Stocking called Deck the Stall – to much brown.

Do you attend Cross Stitch Retreats or stitch along with friends?


What is your closest or favorite Local Cross Stitch Shop?

I am right between JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby.

How many online cross stitch groups do you belong to and please name them


Do you know what your next cross stitch project will be and when you will start the project?

My next project will be a peacock and I hope to start it in a few months 

Tell us a little about your family life.

I am married, have two kids a boy and a girl, both in college.  Three dogs and one rabbit. I work for a local hospital as a medical transcriptionist.

Okay now for a fun question; Connie what is your favorite dessert, movie, books, and place to visit?

This is a hard one, there are so many desserts, as for movies I like Dancing with the White Dog and Secondhand Lion.

In closing what are you currently stitching and tell us what inspired you to become a cross stitcher and why you love to cross stitch?

I am stitching right now Treasured Time.  I started stitching because I had moved to a new place and it is hard for me to make new friends so I had to do something while my husband was at work (we worked different shifts.)  I love cross stitching because it is a way I can express myself 


  1. I love this hobby almost as much as reading books!!! Have been Cross-Stitching since a friend finally taught me how in 1990 and love to do smaller projects with birds, flowers, rabbits, horses and other vibrantly colored subjects. I also use DMC and stitch on 14 count in different colors due to my eyes straining on smaller fabric count...
    Always a pleasure to "see" someone else's work....

    jackie b central texas

  2. You do beautiful work.The stockings are so nice.Your interview is interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Connie,
    Your work is beautiful and one day I am going to learn how to make a Christmas Stocking.

  4. Love the pieces you have stitched. Secondhand Lions is one of my favorite movies too.


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