Monday, April 26, 2010

An Interview with Cross Sticher Sherry Benic

Sherry at what age did you learn to cross stitch and who taught you to stitch?
I began cross stitching at the tender age of 35.  We had just arrived at Scott AFB in IL, and my new neighbor was a stitcher.  Her name was Karen, and she guided my early efforts.

Do you design your own patterns and are you a model stitcher?
I am not a model stitcher.  I have designed a very few patterns, and would like to turn some of my drawings into stitch patterns, but never have worked that hard

Have you learned any speciality stitches? Which ones do you like to stitch?

I really enjoy making french knots, which I understand some stitchers just hate.  I think they are fun and a challenge.  Other than that, no specialty stitches.
To date what has been your most challenging project?
  Nine years ago I stitched a wedding sampler for my son and his new bride.  It was my first effort on evenweave.  It took months, was not ready in time for the wedding, and I think of it as a major achievement
Do you attend any retreats, trunk shows or do you stitch with any friends or family members?
Sadly, I don't have any friends who stitch, although I often bring my stitching along when I visit.  I have never attended any retreats -- wouldn't that be fun?! -- or shows, except for the Western Washington State Fair where I admire all the needlework entries.

What themes, types of patterns and what are some of your favorite patterns?
My favorite themes are whimsical designs.  I've really enjoyed stitching heirloom Christmas stockings for my six grandchildren.  My favorite designers are Margaret Sherry and Michael Powell.

What favorite projects do you have from your own stitching collection?
 I have a beautiful farm scene, which I stitched during the weeks my father was dying from pancreatic cancer.  He was always a farmer at heart, and I think of him with happiness when I look at the piece now.  It was fifteen years after he passed before I could frame and hang it.

Tell us about where you live and your family life?
 My ex husband was in the Air Force, and was assigned here to Tacoma, to McChord AFB in 1978.  I've been here almost ever since, with the exception of three years in southern Illinois.  I am single now.  I have a daughter who works for the city of Tacoma, and a son, who is a lawyer in Houston.  Each of my children has three children, so my family consists of my kids and my six grands.

What has been your most fun project to stitch?
Two of the Christmas stockings I've done stand out in my mind as having been especially interesting and fun to stitch.  One shows Santa driving his sleigh, and the other has a tiny little mouse in a matchbox bed under a Christmas tree. 

Now for a fun question or two; What is your favorite beverage to drink, your favaorite meail, your favorite dessert and some of your favorite movies, books and places to visit?
  I love Diet Coke, pizza, and potato chips.  Not a very nutritious meal, but my favorite, next to a cheeseburger.  I also enjoy a hot fudge sundae.  I love to read, mostly I read cozy mysteries.  Any time I travel, I am visiting my Texans in Houston
In your home where is your favorite place to stitch and do you have any other hobbies?
My favorite place to stitch is sitting on the couch in the family room, while I watch tv.  I also do some writing, and am working on a Young Adult novel about World War II.  I like to draw and do watercolor.  Recently I was asked to illustrate a friend's book.  My artwork has been published in two local anthologies here in Tacoma, along with my poetry and short stories.

What are some of the online groups that you belong to and what are the rewards of joining an online stitching group?
?  I belong to two other stitching groups online, and a group of people who read cozy mysteries.  The reward is learning of new products, new authors and books, and new designs.  I have a lot of reading and stitching ahead of me, if my eyes hold out.

Why do you love to cross stitch and what are the benefits of cross stitching?

 Stitching is beneficial for relaxing; it must help lower blood pressure.  I find that when I am stitching, I can think about things that worry me, and often am able to work through problems to know how to deal with them or solve them.

In closing; Is there something you would like to add about the pictures that are posted today or something you would like to say to your online stitching buddies? 

  I am grateful for the friends I have made in my online groups.  I know my groups helped pray me successfully through my open heart surgery two and a half years ago.  These groups have put me in touch with people who are like me.  It's wonderful


  1. Would love to have seen some of your stitching.

  2. I enjoyed the interview.Thank you for sharing.


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