Monday, April 5, 2010

Pamela's March reads

This month I am giving out grades as in ABCDF etc al....

BIGGIE AND THE MANGLED MORTICIAN by Nancy Bell: This cozy mystery couldn't get any cozier if you wrapped it in a blanket. I give this one an...At
KILLER KNOTS by Nancy Cohen: if you love cruise mysteries then you have to read KILLER KNOTS this book in her cozy series is the best one I've read in a while. I love the atmosphere and Marla is wonderful. This ranks ....Bt
KILLER CRUISE by Laura Levine: In this book in the series Jaine Austen takes a working vacation that turns into all work and her cat Prosac ends up a stow away. It's funny, endearing and a charming cruise mystery: I rank this one an At
The SEPTEMBER SOCIETY by Charles Finch: This is an hisotrical mystery with all of the trimmings. For me it was a real page turner and written in the same vein as Ruth Rendell. A must read for any mystery lover. I rank this one...A
QUEEN OF THE FLOWERS by Kerry Greenwood: Another historical mystery with flavor and a touch of class. This one is one of my all time favorites of the series and I love the travels as we go from place to place: I rank this one At
IT HAPPENED ONE KNIFE by Jeffrey Cohen: Okay because I love movie theatres laugh and comedy mysteries along with black and white movies this was one of my favorite read this month. What a wonderful concept for a cozy series and Jeff writes with humor,warmth and real characters. I give this one a....Bt
CR: SEVENTY-SEVEN CLOCKS by Christopher Fowler
CR: T IS FOR TRESPASS by Sue Grafton
Pamela James

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