Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline

Genre Legal Thriller (Series)
ISBN: 978-0-312-38075-5
Hard Cover pgs:374

Bennie Rosato has an exact double in her twin sister Alice but Alice has a dark soul and other that mirror image look alike twine they are as different as night and day. Still Bennie finds Alice a job and she does all she can to help Alice so when Alice asks her Friday night dinner at her new place Bennie feels like she cannot refuse the invitation.
At dinner Bennie becomes sick and dizzy the last thing she remembers before passing out is how easy Alice said it would all be. The next thing Bennie knows is that she is buried beneath the ground and soon she figures out it's a wooden box. An animal keeps digging as Bennie keeps fighting for her life.
Meanwhile Alice has become Bennie she has taken her place in all things, her law practice, her friends and the love of Bennie's life. it becomes a matter of money Alice wants Bennie's three million dollars and tries to get it all transferred a little at a time to offshore accounts. Alice needs to leave the country before her worst nightmare finds her and while it takes a few days for this to happen Alice is having fun making a mess of Bennie's life.
Meanwhile Bennie survives but now she is out for blood and revenge and the clock is ticking over this game of good and evil and sister against sister.
I often thought never is more deadly than family and this book proves me right. It only takes one rotten soul in the family to give you murderous thought of revenge or worse.
This is an excellent legal thriller and more to the point it's Lisa Scottoline at her finest..
Pamela James

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