Monday, May 17, 2010

An interview with Cross Stitcher Kim/berly Mattox

Tell us the backstory on when you learned to cross stitch?
When I was a kid, I spent most of the summers with my maternal grandparents who seriously indulged me.  Grandma bought me any kind of craft that I wanted to do.  One summer, I tried cross stitch & fell in love.  The funny part is that my first project was an all black picture of an Amish buggy.  I always thought that that was blackwork!

If you were going to mentor another stitcher who is just starting out stitching what would you tell them?  Any project you do is stitched the same way - 1 x at a time.  Don't let any project intimidate you. 

Tell us a little about your home life and where you live?

I am very happily married to Rich, who is on SS for being mentally disabled.  Together, we have a beautiful little girl named Mariah. We live in Manteno, IL, about an hour and a half south of Chicago.  I go to school full time and stay home taking care of my family, making jewelry, stitching, crocheting, selling Avon & Juiceplus.  In between, my BFF & I are working on opening our own cafe.  For fun, we like to go camping & sightseeing.

To date what has been your most challenging piece to cross stitch?
I used to work for GhostStitchers, an organization that does needlework for customers.  One of the pieces I did was a picture of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. the chart was handdrawn & not precise.  It was very difficult to read the chart & I absolutely hated doing it!

Do you charity stitch and if so what organization?

I don't stitch for any particular charity, but I do stitch items for charities when someone asks us to.

What online stitching groups are you a part of and what kind of motivation do they give to you?


Both groups are great for encouragement & general friendliness.  ILCS has a lot of fun doings - bingo, exchanges, etc.


Okay for some fun getting to know you questions. What is your favorite meal, dessert, place to vacation, books and music?

Favorite meal - Pad thai at Asian Harbor in Homewood, Il
Favorite dessert - deep fried dough rolled in sugar & dipped in chocolate syrup as you eat it
Favorite vacation spot - anywhere in Colorado
Favorite books - mysteries.  I love J D Robb, Sue Grafton, Agatha Christie
Favorite music - country & Christian rock

What types of floss do you like to stitch with and types of material do you like to stitch on?  Six Strand Sweets & jobelan are my favorites

What are some of your favorite themes to cross stitch?  Snowmen, coffee, any holiday stuff

Are you a model stitcher or a designer?
I was a model stitcher for years for X's & Oh's, MonsterBubbles, LinenFlower Designs & several others.

What designers are your favorites to cross stitch?
Stoney Creek, Teresa Wentzler, Lizzie Kate, Mirabilia

Do you stitch for family and friends?
Yes, I do!  I'm working on a Christmas ornament for my youngest sister right now.

Why do you love to cross stitch?
I love to take a piece of blank fabric and make something beautiful out of it; I love making gifts for my family & friends; and finally, it's my relaxation therapy! 

In closing leave us with your own cross stitch quote?

I just follow the pattern; God does all the work.


  1. I love monsterbubbles! Do you have a favorite model you stitched for them?


  2. I enjoyed your interview. Thank you for shareing.

  3. Great Interview! Thanks for sharing your stitching life. :)

  4. Kim.Your interview is wonderful and thank you for allowing us to know you a bit better.

  5. deep fried dough rolled in sugar & dipped in chocolate syrup as you eat it...Sounds so good! I didn't know that you and hubby wanted to start your own cafe. How neat. Hope it all works out for you. Wish you would of shown some of your stitching.

  6. Very informative article enjoyed reading. the Q&A forum really help



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