Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review: The Last Coincidence by Robert Goldsborough

Hardback Mystery (Nero Wolfe)
ISBN: 780553-053838

Lily Rowan has a family situation as it seems her niece Noreen and Lily's favorite member of the family has been raped. Sparky Linville is accused of the rape and Archie Goodwin is mad enough to approach his employer Nero Wolfe to undertake the case. The client is Noreen James and as the suspects pile up the coincidence become many because every suspect does not have an alibi and every suspect wanted Sparky Linville dead.
Dead he is beaten by a tire iron in a parking garage and Lily's family is not only dysfunctional but not a lot of help since at least two of them claim that they murdered Sparky Linville. Then there is Noreen's roommate who knew how Spakry operated but didn't warn Norren off of him, Sparky's best friend is anything but a good man that is hard to find and Nero Wolfe wants to get back to his orchids and Fritz's fabulous meals without having indigestion from this case.
As we use Archie's shoe leather and tax Nero's patience we learn that the more we learn in this case the less we know and it all comes down to one very important conversation.
THE LAST COINCIDENCE is a wonderful blend of clues, wit and gray cells.

I loved the characters, the drama and Nero, Archie, Lily and Inspector Cramer are at their finest in this clever killer mystery.
Pamela James

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