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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best New Show

Best New Show:

As far as I'm concerned the best new show on for t.v. this summer is MEMPHIS BEAT it's funny, realistic and it has something for everyone. The first episode has the topic of elderly abuse, the abused woman is someone who is well known and she hardly says a word of any words throughout the episode. She doesn't have to the bruises speak for themselves and our detective is a homicide cop who loves his mother and has a way with women (NOT ) well NOT according to the woman one in paticular who is his boss and don't get me started on the lamp he brings to work. When his boss let's him know that it's not acceptable to have it in the department it's very amusing how he finds an answer to the problem.
I can't remember the homicide detective's name but he's the same character that plays Earl in My Name Is Earl, his mother is someone who is lucky to have him as a son as I suspect she is going to be trouble in future episodes.
If you like a little mystery with your fun and a lot of southern charm then this is the show for you. MEMPHIS BEAT has it's own brand of edgy and it will add fun to your summer.



  1. I really enjoyed the premiere of this show. And I like Alfre Woodard as his boss. Not to mention he can SING as well.


  2. I will definitely DVR this when I get home. Thanks.

  3. When and on what channel is it airing? Sounds great.

    The Southern Half of Evelyn David

  4. Its on TNT Tuesdays at 10EST

    Plus I am sure they have replays at other times


  5. Yes it comes on at 9:00 Central Standard time on TNT and it's my new go to show for a pick me up this summer. At least until the The Closer returns. LOL

  6. Love that show! I think his name is Dwayne? Not sure, tho. Yeah, they repeat it an hour later, cause I missed it in the regular time slot. TNT always has good shows, good thing regular tv sucks, except for NCIS!

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  8. Writers should always edit about eight hundred times before they post!!!

    You have excellent taste, Pamela. I loved the series premiere and hope the good writing continues. I never really watched Jason Lee in "Earl" but I loved him as Dave Seville in the Chipmunk movies. (What can I say.. I love the Chipmunks.)

    Anyway, I was amazed at his vocal talent and would have downloaded that song in a NY minute if I could have. Do you think that was really him singing??