Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Okay authors and writers use facebook all the time but how much is too much time spent on facebook and other reading lists? Do you ever use facebook as research? Or do you ever put a poll on facebook when you're having a question about a book, or about writing a book?
Tell us all the ways YOU use facebook and how it helps or hinders you?
Do you have a facebook story to relate to us or tell us about and if you do please tell us.
What do you like the best about facebook?
Also: I know a lot of us are Goodreads fans and readers so tell us about Goodreads and let's get the word out about how great it is and why we like it so much. I know I like to read the reviews and it's insightful to read what other think of a book.
Now going back to facebook for just a moment I want to say if you want me to friend you on facebook please do a profile and tell me who you are?
I would like to add the same goes for my yahoo messenger and maybe especially messenger because I always check the profile page and if you haven't listed your profile and I don't know you I will accept your messenger friend request.
I know for safety reasons and spam reasons I have to be very careful these days.

Okay I know today's blog isn't thrilling but maybe if everyone responds it will be enlightening...



  1. I still haven't gotten into the habit of checking Facebook every day. I really need to find a way to work that into my daily routine, I miss so much. LOL

  2. I tend to to neglect facebook, preferring to read and write longer entries.

  3. I'm on Facebook in the morning and in the night. I'm mostly catching up on what my authors are doing and promoting, or catching up on my friends and family and in the chance that I get, I play one of the word games.

  4. It should have read that if you don't have a yahoo profile for messenger or a profile for facebook that I can read then I will NOT friend you on either of those places. LOLOL.
    I like to read the author announcements on facebook.


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