Monday, July 19, 2010

Make Mine Double Trouble

Pamela James

How often do you buy a good mystery for yourself and then think your friend must have a copy to read? I do this often especially at gift buying time for birthdays. The problem is I put the book up and forget who I purchased the book for and then I just think I have an extra copy.
Is book gift buying challenging for you when you try to buy a book for others? I know it can be for me because a couple of my closest friends collect book and like me they are not exactly organized on their book buying. It helps when they have a wish list listed somewhere.
Do you have a wishlist so your friends and family know what books you would like to have? Do you keep your wishlist updated?
Tell us about some of your favorite authors whose books you HAVE TO HAVE the minute they are released for eithe pre order or on the book shelves?
Some of mine are Carolyn Hart, Sarah Strothmeyer, Mary Daheim, Nancy Atherton, Lorraine Bartlett, JB Stanley, Lisa Scottoline, Jeff Cohen, Brenda Joyce, Laura Levine and Selma Eichler.
I have to admit to loving anything by Rex Stout but of course his death sorta book a damper on new books. LOL
I also loved Patricia Sprinkle's Books but she quit writing the series that I dearly loved.
How many of your favorite author write more than one series or have quit writing your favorite series?

Until next week here's wishing you great book buys and even greater library trips!



  1. I keep an amazon wishlist - well several actually - but one is just for mysteries. And I love it when my friends do too. But then of course, the key is keeping those lists updated....


  2. J.D. Robb, Tess Geritsen, Alafair Burke and Janet Evanovich are some of my auto-buys that on day of sale, I'm there when B&N opens their door. These are the only hard covers that I'll buy without a second thought.

    For paperbacks there's Lorraine Bartlett (Lorna Barrett, L.L. Bartlett), Heather Webber, Terri Thayer, Jennifer Stanley, Leann Sweeney to name a few. If I really like them, I also get the e-book version for my virtual bookcase.

    I keep a list of books in my Excel database and if someone wants to buy me a book, I'll give them a sample.

    I have a couple of authors that write more than one series where their first series has been cancelled.

  3. I do not do auto-buys, do however keep my wish lists updated and have at least 5 of them but all the books are not categorized so every genre is lumped together. Since live in an area with no bookstore to speak of most of my purchases are online. When do go buy off the shelf it is usually a MMPB purchase and most of my HBs are my Mystery Thrillers and get those at the Half Price Book stores that get to every 6 months or so..

    Book buying for my friends is easy, don't buy them books because none of them read! However, when my Dad was alive he read every book that I gave him...

    jackie ^_^

  4. In general I'm not much of a series girl, so not many, but I'm reading more and more of them, particularly cozies, so I'm sure my list of authors who write multiple series will expand!


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