Monday, August 16, 2010

Changing Seasons


Next month the season will change from summer to fall and I suspect even if you are the most diehard fan of summer you will be glad to see fall arrive this year. I will admit that my summer has been fun and I accomplished a lot (mostly for other people) but yes there has been progress made this year.

I suppose if I have a question this morning it is "What is your favorite way to spend a "Fall" weekend?

I love when the wind is whipping around outside and the leaves are falling to curl up and read a good mystery. This is the season of mysteries and mystery reading and I don't waste it because fall is a short season in Kansas and I like to take full advantage of the short season.

In the fall I like to bake and baking pumpkin bread makes me feel cozy and when I cross stitch it is Halloween stitching. I suppose if I were in thearpy the doctor would say "Fall is my "Happy Place" and he would be right. The only problem I have with this season is that living in southeast Kansas our leaves do not turn until almost Halloween and while they are beautiful here in Parsons they don't turn early enough for me.

Every fall I watch the movie Arsnic and Old Lace as one of my fall rituals. I love to watch Hocus Pocus and many other on the gentle side Halloween movies.

I am always looking for mysteries to read that are set in the fall and someone recently pointed out to me that when I write a book it is almost always set in the fall. I suppose there is some truth to that and one of the reasons is Kansas has been known to have snow on Halloween and trick or treaters have to bundle up. As a matter of fact we might see snow on Halloween and none on Christmas so I can't pass up all the ideas that come to me on spending a Halloween in Kansas.

Do you have fall traditons that you carry through each year? What are they and will they make a good story? I don't decorate for each holiday like I used to but I always decorate for fall and Halloween and this year I am already thinking about 2011 as in 2011 I have a small group of stitchers who want to come to my house next fall and I think I am going to cross stitch Halloween Ornaments and make a Halloween Tree. I think I will then stitch an ornament every year thereafter to put on the tree. I might even make a basket and put nothing but Halloween mysteries in it and I have a few other ideas for the season.

I think its safe to add that I'm most creative in the fall and love to sit at the computer writing because the words can pour out of my imagination and on to the page during this short season. That is not to say that it's the only season I will be writing it's just that I'm relaxed enough to have fun with my writing during this season.

I hope everyone has a great time thinking about cooler temps and changing leaves today!



  1. I do like Fall a lot but summer is my favorite season so I dont want to wish it away yet. Sure its been hot and stormy and weird but it has also had those long glorious sunny days where I feel most alive!


  2. Last year I might have agreed with you a little more but this year it's been too hot to sit in my yardswing and read or to get out and take the walks I love to take and I am ready for fall.

  3. I love to spend fall weekends either on the bike with Doug just riding, tag saling, or baking/putting the gardens to bed/knitting or crocheting. These all depend on the actual temperature....I've discovered I no longer have anything to prove in cold, damp weather. LOL

  4. The damp weather is no fun when you want to be outside. Like you I love to bake in the fall.

  5. Cool, crisp days. Putting on a heavy sweater. Leaves crunching underfoot. Going to football games (not too mention soccer and lacrosse). Colorful trees and mums in bloom. The annual Children's Halloween Parade - that my kids used to walk in and now my grandkids do. Making soup that simmers all day.

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to fall.


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