Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Read


What is your favorite mystery to read that is set in "Fall Season"? One is Turkey Day Murder and I think it's written by Leslie Meir who seems to write a lot of holiday themed books and is very good at writing mysteries with a theme.

Right now I have I Married A Witch on the DVR and can't wait to watch it, the fall movies are the best. Hocus Pocus, Arsnic and Old Lace, Midnight Lace and on and on.....

Do you still carve pumpkins? Dress up for Halloween? Buy candy or the treaters that come to your door? Do you toast marshmellows and tell ghost stories? Do you have a favortie ghost story?

Do you have any fall traditions that you family continues to carry through each year?

Frank and I love Halloween so we buy candy for the treaters and the last few years I have went with my grandsons trick or treating. Last year I made a traditional family supper and to me this is one of the best times of the yer. All the color and crisp air however this year sinus problems plague me so I hope that by Halloween there has been at least one frost.

Last year I bought a cape on clearance sale and so I will dress all in black with my cape and be Grandma Death Along!

Since the kids will home for Halloween Frank will carve a pumpkin and we already have decorations set out both inside and outside.

Let the good times roll..



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  1. I lvoe to dress up. But dont do it often anymore if there are no parties or so on to go to. We rarely have trick or treaters so no point in that. Last year not a single kid came by.

    But I LOVE Halloween. It's fun.



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