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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall leaves

It's fall the leaves are falling so fast from the trees that by next week let alone Thanksgiving we won't know what season it really is.................

I really wish things would slow down a little there is a ton of honey-do chores that we have to have done in ten days. I'm going crazy. Jay is bringing his girlfriend for Thanksgiving and so she can't see the house like it is (don't ask and I won't have to tell) let's just say I asked Frank to open a window yesterday and he said he couldn't it might break or fall apart. If that's the case then maybe snow wouldn't be bad on Thanksgiving for us this year. LOL

Anyway I am trying to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke out of everything. I think I might be a little over the top about this but who knows when you can get half your windows open to air the place out........ARRRGGHHHHH.

Reading I have several that I need to read and in fact just made a library run yesterday and here is what i came home with for this week.

A CAROL FOR A CORPSE by Claudia Bishop

HIGH HEELS and HOLIDAYS by Kasey Michaels



Now if only I can settle down long enough to read them before they are due.

I can sit down if I cross stitch (at least for a little while) but this week even this is a struggle. I can talk on the phone if I pace but not sitting down.

I keep thinking I need to be living in a big city where I can sit at an outdoor cafe and people watch, or go to a mall and walk and walk and until I am tired enough to people watch, or I can go see a museum especailly an art museum.

I am just not made to live here where the wind blows and the time change only means that my insomina lasts longer. UGH!!!

I go to bed toss and turn all night long. Get up and am up an hour or two then I must take an hour nap., Arrgghhhhhh

Frank has been great through all of this and I am not giving him enough kuddos for I am VERY hard to live with right now.Mood swings do not begin to cover it and I know this but it doesn't help.......he's been tired lately but see he can't be tired because we HAVE THINGS TO DO so he can rest between Thanksgiving and Christmas.................

I just don't know what to do with a man who tells me he can't open a window......I guess the same thing I do with a man who can't pick up his dirty socks..................





  1. Fall is sad this year for me for some reason...


  2. Sweetie, it is what it is. Inhale, exhale, everything will sort itself out in the end. I think a nice flavored coffee is in order....maybe decaf?

  3. So today I feel a little like the weather we are havinbg Partly cloudy and very windy.LOLOLOL