Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween


What is your favorite way to celebrate Halloween? Do you love to pass out the treats? Watch spooky movies or go to a Halloween Party? Do you dress up or sit at home and read a Halloween Mystery?

I know some of us bake for Halloween and others munch their favorite candy....

What is your favorite Halloween Mystery? This year I have a new it's EJ Cooperman's NIGHT OF THE LIVING it read it and don't forget to review this charming mystery.

I'll be home with my cape and treats tray passing out wonderful candy and then it's stitching while I watch the movie Arsnic & Old Lace, followed by Clue then on to Hocus Pocus.....

When I was young my favorite treat was popcorn balls and caramel apples but these days I am more inclined to rice krispy treats! Followed by Reeses or Hershey bars...LOL

No matter how you celebrate fall I hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN---tick tock tick tock it's almost the bewitching weekend remember don't cast any spells or hexs that will get you into trouble!



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