Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quitting Smoking

Recently I decided to quit smoking. Okay a week ago yesterday I decided to quit smoking and Monday Morning at 8:59 (but whose counting) I had my last cigarette. It's not been an easy week as I was five pack a day smoker. You know what the great part about quitting smoking is-is that I can taste everything again and it boy does it taste good. You know what the bad part about quitting smoking is....I CAN TASTE everything again.

One vice at a time but it is hard to walk away from a donut and not look back longingly and it's even harder not to have a second bowl of ice cream!

I haven't stayed on top of my friendships much this week. I'm too busy deciding whether I want to nap, eat or take a walk, maybe nap through a movie. Reading makes me want to smoke so I haven't read much this week.

I can cross stitch if I can stay on the couch long enough to cross stitch without a cookie in my hand.

Going for a drive seems to help much in the way of taking a crying baby on a drive. In other words when I get home I want to nap.LOL

I am sure it will become easier and actually for a day or two I had no smoking cravings whatsoever but lately and sadly the past twenty four hours that has not been the case. I am fine and have not smoked but boy am I catching up on my sleep. Except at night of course at night I toss and turn, kick my husband, play cover tag but I don't get out of that bed except to make sure I don't need a DEPENDS but is a whole other blog for another day.

Anyway Thank God for Halloween and Halloween Candy it helped soooo much with the first round of cravings I had so much so in fact there is hardly any candy left in the house.

See Ya




  1. It has been about a week and a half for me and I still want one....


  2. Good luck Pam! Be kind to yourself.

  3. I find oatmeal immunizes me against doughnuts.

    Good luck, Pam! I am sure you can do it and your so interestingly blogging about it may help others get an early start on going smoke-free.


  4. Hang in there Pam. And BRAVO for the week!!! :D

  5. Pam kep up the good work. I give you a lot of credit for trying to stop smoking, it cab't be easy.

  6. Thank you Cathryn and Iris, today hasn't been so bad but I seem to grab a lot of crackers and today I've plenty of cheeseball in fact it's what I had for lunch.LOLOL
    For everyone keeping track day five no cigs.


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