Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review - Knitting Bones by Monica Ferris



Cozy Hobby Mystery Series


Paperbak Mystery

Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime

The stitchers of the Embroiderers Guild have raised over twenty thousand dollars for the American Heart Assocation. However when the representive who picks up the check goes missing along with the check at their annual convention and since he's the husband of the local chapter's president all eyes turn to her for answers and eyebrows are raised.

Truth be told Allie Germaine knows nothing about what happened to the or to the whereabouts of her husband Bob, she does think that Betsy might be able to help solve the mystery.

Betsy has her own set of problems, she is confined to her apartment because she broke her leg and she is on pain killers that cause her to lack the focus she would need to help Allie, Godwin, however is not about to let the matter drop. At least not as long ashe has two good legs and the will to ask questions about Bob and What about Bob because Goddy swears that Bob is gay and Allie may not know this fact about her husband but Goddy does know it to be a fact.

Little do any of them know that a man named Tony across town has a broken leg and he also wants to know what happened to the big fat check that Bob was supposed to have on him?

The clock is ticking and if all of this isn't enough Betsy has agreed to break the law. Which is nothing to crow about but the crow in question can't seem to keep his beak shut!

I praise KNITTING BONES as a top notch page turner with enough surprises to keep any mystery reader baffled.

I will rate this book 10 out of 10 or an At.



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  1. This is yet another series that I am behind on. It's good to know that it continues to entertain. I will get there some day.


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