Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review - Dead Man's Chest by Kerry Greenwood



Hard Cover

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Pub date:2010

ISBN: 978-1-59058-797-3

Series Mystery

Phyrne Fisher is vacationing in Queenscliff. She promised her staff and two adopted daughters a holiday and a holiday they will receive. However the second half of her promise is a little harder to keep since she also promised them no murders.

They arrive at the rented house but the there is no Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, no cook or staff the place is empty right now to the last crumb. This doesn't raise an eyebrow but instead everyone in the household rolls up their sleeves and starts to make the empty house a home by the sea. Soon they are joined by a young boy to whom Phyrne has name Tinker. She saved Tinker from some horrible boys and Tinker by rights takes in Mr. and Mrs. Johnson's dog.

Phyrne decides to investigate what has happened to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and the whole household help in their own way. Of coures there are strange neighbors and some Surrealists which is a kind of a group who live a cross the way from the Johnson house but more to the point do they know somethig Phyrne should know about the Johnson's and what happened to them that they would leave the family pet behind?

Phyrne is going to make good use of Tinker, her pearl-handled beretta and champagne not to mention Ruth, Dot, Hugh and Jane not to mention Molly the dog and Gaston the other dog to which has a special place in everyone's heart.

The reason for so much chaos might have something to do with the tale of a treasure chest and everyone loves to hunt for treasure. Is there is any treasure to find and will it cost someone dearly?

All we know is that this is one mystery that is sure to please everyone. I know it pleased me to find there were even skeletons and skeleton heads in this wonderful mystery romp by the sea.

Kerry Greenwood is an author I would love to sit down and talk with because she has clever, witty and extremely smart character in Phyrne Fisher and therefore I can't wait to talk with the creator of this wonderful series. This is book number eighteen in the series so for those of you who have yet to meet Phyrne you have many wonderful hours of reading ahead of you.

I give DEAD MAN'S CHEST by Kerry Greenwood an At and she deserves ten out of ten stars.

Pamela James

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