Thursday, June 16, 2011



If colors are supposed to improve our mood or reflect our mood then I think flavors define who we are and what we like. Lately I like Key Lime Pie and really love watermelon even the watermelon flavored slushies they have at Sonic or a nearby local stand.

Now lets take some of our favorite mystery characters and whether they are historical, vintage or modern characters tell us what type of flavor you think they are?

Paige Turner in the Amanda Matetsky 1950's series reminds me of Rocky Road Ice Cream because nothing comes easy for this girl. Nero Wolfe reminds me of Lemon anything just so he can pucker up his lips. LOL

You get my drift so let's have some fun with this one.




  1. Nero = Lemon -- I can certainly see it!

  2. Stephanie Plum is actually cherry Kool-aid colored. Just bright and bold.
    Miss Marple is lavender in both color and scent.
    China Bayles is sage green and soothing.

    Okay, I'm done. LOL


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