Monday, July 18, 2011

Mystery Monday

Monday Mystery:

The only good thing I can say about this summer is that I am reading large print mysteries and so far I m happy to report I have discovered a couple good mysteries.

Most of you know I was in the hospital for almost a week but was released in time for my birthday which of course I mostly spent asleep.

Anyway what you may not know is my eye sight is just now returning to the better part of normal. To say the least the summer has been interesting....

My two good mysteries that I have read are: MISS DIMPLE DISAPPEARS by Mignon F. Ballard and this is set in 1942 in the united states. The setting is Elderberry, Georgia and all the young men in town have left for war.

Our main character's name is Charlie Carr and she is a school teacher. Anyway this a very cozy historical mystery and I hated to see it end.

The other mystery is PINNED FOR MURDER by Elizabeth Lynn Casey and is an excellent sewing mystery. You do not have to know anything about sewing to enjoy this book. The main character is a new Librarian in town and she is one of hte more believable main characters I have read.

Anyway this is how I have spent the past few weeks.....

My cross stitch has suffered but I actually did get to do some cross stitch yesterday evening. The "C" is now stitched and so is one coffee mug on my coffee pattern. I now just have to do the OFFEE and that many more coffee mugs plus charms. LOL

As you can tell I am feeling better. Soon I'll be my old self again.....

I kinda like dull typical days right now such as I have laundry going and fed the pets, watered the plants and have  movie is better again!




  1. So happy things are looking up for you. Take care and thanks for the two new mysteries.


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