Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hobbies and Classics

Hobbies and Classics

I am going to ask the age old question..."What is your favorite hobby? Why do you like this hobby and is there a hobby you would

like to try that you haven't yet had time to actually work it in your schedule?

I am also asking you to tell us some of your favorite classic mysteries? What classic do you never tire of reading?

I really like the Nero Wolfe Series and of course Agatha Christie series. There are others I like but these series I

keep returning to in times of stress.

Every summer I reread Carolyn Hart's "Death On Demand Series" even though it's not yet considered a classic series.

I am finding more and more that I love taking the time to read vintage mysteries. In this genre I am still discovering new to me


I think I will start the Ellery Queen Mysteries this fall......




  1. Love cross stitching and tarot as hobbies.

    For mysteries - Mary Daheim's B&B series never tires me. And Stephanie Plum and Bubbles Yablonsky always make me laugh.

    WANT to get back and read more of the Little Sisters mysteries soon


  2. Right now my favorite hobby which does not include reading is quilting.

    Not a fan of classic mysteries, but love Stephanie Plum series.


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