Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Morning!

Good Morning,

Our weather is coming along nicely this week. Temps in the 70's and 80's sunny, breeze just about perfect. What did you do on

Labor Day Weekend? First I cross stitched on "The BookShelf" by Little House Of Needlework. Last week I bought a cross stitch magazine

with Halloween Ornament Theme, I then switched to cross stitching on a "Witch's Hat" , so this was good as I watched Nero Wolfe, Rosemary & Thyme.

Then since it was ou anniversary weekend Frank bought me the wireless router for my laptop and now he can use the netbook and be on the internet.

i think he will love the internet games (which ones are your favorites?) Then we decided yesterday evening to buy a new tv which put a bee in my

bonnet as I wanted to change the furniture around.

Since it's been cool here we had chili for supper but I wanted to try diabetic recipes. There didn't seem to be the right time to try them out for the

first time soooo this weekend I make the two recipes that I never got around to making last weekend.

I also have  cold so I didn't have the energy although I did walk and walk alot...........

This week what is exciting in your world of work an play?

Writing I am proud to say happened two out of the three day weekend. I even took the laptop to the swing to write. I am trying to get a short story

ready for Smashwords.

I am ready for fall as we exceeded out triple digits days this summer. This is the first year I hated the heat. I usually enjoy summer immensely but

not this year. Spring and last winter were no great shakes either maybe fall will redeem my year. I am ready and to be honest fall has always been

my favorite season. It's not quite here but I will take the temps we have been given this week as an early gift of fall's arrival. In the meantime I

must go water my plants and flowers. LOL

9/11 is this week as in the tenth anniversary so everyone I will carry love and peace in my heart as we revisit the tragic events of that fatal day. Do

you remember what you were doing that morning? My son was stationed in Germany and I was glued to the tv with the phone in my hand. He did

call later in the day.

Okay I must get busy so I can make my way to the laptop and work on my short story.

Love you all,


Stay safe and carry peace in your hearts this week.


  1. My favorite internet game is "strike-a-match" on www.boxerjam.com

    The weather here is rain all week and cooler. I just want the rain to end in time for the race in Richmond this weekend.

    I dont mind the heat so it takes me a while to adjust to cooler days. And particularly DARKER days. I really am a sun child.

    As for 9/11, i will always remember watching that plane flying soooo low past my office window towards the Pentagon knowing what was happening and wanting to vomit. It all happened so fast. National Geographic Channel has been doing some great specials this past weekend and coming this week as well

    Peace and Love!


  2. I sweated, oops sorry, glowed my way through a humid weekend at the fair and sold 11 felted hats. Go figure. I thought it was waste of time, but clearly I was wrong. I did some walking, although the weather really wasn't all that nice. I'm waiting for autumn weather. As for 9/11 I was bartending and my son was leaving for the Persian Gulf....by plane.

  3. I don't do a lot of Internet games but I'm a little addicted to on-line jigsaw puzzles (racing against the clock).

    We had temps in triple digits on Friday, waves of intense thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday and a high in the low 60's yesterday. Crazy weather.

    I spent the morning of 9/11 in an emergency response meeting at the American Red Cross chapter where I worked. I later worked at the respite center at ground zero, WTC/NYC.

  4. Not knowing where my nephew was on 9/11 always plays in my head and I was so glad when he called to say he was okay.

    I worked on my quilt on the weekend and the only thing left to do is hand-stitch the binding.

    Don't play any internet-game.


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