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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Til Death Do us Bark

Till Death Do Us Bark by Judi McCoy is the fifth book in the “Dog Walker” mystery series. Publisher: Obsidian, August 2011

A Hamptons wedding gives Ellie an excuse to take a break for the first time in ten years, so she and her best friend pack up their dogs—yorkiepoo Rudy and terrier Twink—and head to the beach for a week. Since humans and canines have been invited to the festivities, Ellie hopes she doesn’t get roped into dealing with the wet-nosed wedding guests. But soon she’s chasing her tail over trouble of the two-legged variety. Before the bride can say, “I do,” someone is murdered, and Ellie and Rudy must put their noses to the ground to sniff out the killer before the entire ceremony goes to the dogs.

Ellie and Viv with their furry pals (Rudy and Mr. T) are in the Hamptons attending the wedding of Viv’s oldest sister. Instead of a happy celebration, Ellie finds herself involved in yet another murder, the groom-to-be. Secrets are exposed as Ellie, with help from Viv and Rudy, search for clues that will shut the door on wedded bliss for the killer. This easy-paced tale was such a fun read. I thought I knew the identity of the killer, but the author had other ideas that led me astray. With Viv’s family at the forefront, it was fun watching Viv’s relationship with her family as she worked together with Ellie and the dogs to prove a person’s innocence. The banter between Ellie and her canine friends is just as entertaining as the conversations she has with her human friends. This was another good story in this likeable series.

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