Friday, October 21, 2011

What a Week!

What A Week!

I don't know where this week has gone? One minute it was Monday and now it's Friday. I managed to get in some writing, and a lot of cross stitch is accomplished on my family sampler. After that things become sketchy and I know it started when my dryer quit running. I know I made a lot more meals thn I have in the past week. My daughter called every night but one and I even talked to my son once this week.

However I never wrote the reviews, posted that I want authors to interview for this (I do so if you want an interview email me or leave me your email address) and I never did my Monday blog which was then intended to be my Tuesday blog and well here we are on Friday.

My hsuband is to have carpal tunnel surgery in both hands so he will have a consultation with the surgeon this coming Wednesday. It took them almost two weeks to let us know and then I had to call them Grrrrrr......

It became colder and colder over the past week. However now we are going to be in the 70's through most of next week.

Okay my purpose for this blog is not to bitch but instead talk about how much I love this month. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So are you dressing up this year and going to a party? Are going to read a Halloween Mystery and if so which one? Are you watching spooky movies and which movie would like to be a character in? Are you writing a Halloween blog ? Do you make a Halloween Ornament Tree? Do you give Halloween gifts? Are stitching a Halloween cross stitch project? When you look in the mirror what stares back at you?

Until next week have a safe and fun weekend!


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