Wednesday, December 14, 2011



I now have 1000 facebook friends. Of course that is wrong I can count on one hand the friends I actually have and since I do not have 1000 fingers it's way off base.

However most are authors and people involved in publishing. There are book groups and I can't help but be alarmed that facebook refers to their updates as 'stories', no, stories are what my authors write. They also write books updates are just that updates and while I do believe that everyone has a story that needs to be told...I think it's wrong the way facebook uses the word.

Personally I think my life is boring but it wasn't always boring however, I am not in any hurry for everyone to know MY STORY aas a matter of fact I think some incidents are better left in the past and far away from my present let alone my future.

Anyway back to facebook I like that it's free and I can keep up with everyone's day. I like that when my friends get on there and say "Good Morning" they mean it. I don't always read all of my emails. I really don't read group emails all the time but I do check in with my facebook page/s everyday. I have a couple of family members I keep up with this way and it's nice to see pictures of my grandchildren posted.

Of course as you all know ever since I quit smoking a year ago Nov 1st, I list books from amazon, cross stitch patterns etc...this does help me not rush out the door to buy a pack of cigs. I feel facebook is a good thing but it can be a diversion for me and I try not to spend more than once or twice a day over there (unless I'm posting books).....

How do you use facebook?




  1. I really like facebook. It is a really good way to see what is going on with friends and aquaintances, see pics etc. And see the "story" thing is the writer in you. Personally I have never even noticed them using the word. I just see updates. Where in the world does it say stories?

    What I dislike about FB is how it changes all the time and I have to figure out what is going on all over again at least several times a year.

    Anyway - I don't worry about things like that - to me it is a place where I can see what is going on with everyone, including people I follow like artists, musicians, actors etc... It is one place to get the info instead of numerous emails. I like the centrality of it.

    I just have no desire to play games like Farmville and things like that. I am very much Pro Facebook I will have to say


  2. Good topic.

    I like Facebook as it lets me keep in touch with my family and the friends I've met online and now authors that I enjoy.

    I also use it to help promote the authors that I read and if I can bring them to new readers, that's a good thing.

    Like Terri, I dislike the constant changes.

  3. I like Facebook to play words with friends. I play it with a sister-in-law that I literally average seeing once every 5 to 10 years so it has been a fun way to connect. I also like that everyday when I login to play wwf I first have to go to my fb page and there I get to see some posts of family and friends. I have enjoyed that. I seldom comment but sometimes I will "like" and it feels like a connection and thats a good thing.


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