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Review- Miss DImple Disappears

Title: Miss Dimple Disappears
Large Print Book
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Hard Cover
ISBN: 978-1-60285-961-6
Pages 365

It's 1942 in Elderberry, Georgia and grade school teacher Charlie Carr can't help thinking about her brother who has gone off to fight in the war. Fain and her were very close and her little sister who is expecting her first baby but lives in Texas and Charlie would love to be there for the birth of her niece or nephew. So the holidays are very close at hand which gives Charlie something more to concentrate on even though the holidays will be celebrated very differently this year.
However Charlie soon has more to worry about besides the holidays. First there is the death of the school janitor that starts to point towards murder. Then there is the disappearance of Miss Dimple the most beloved teacher that was even Charlie's grade school teacher. Then of course her own love life leaves a lot to be desired because Hugh Brumlow is going…

Mystery Monday

Monday Mystery:

The only good thing I can say about this summer is that I am reading large print mysteries and so far I m happy to report I have discovered a couple good mysteries.
Most of you know I was in the hospital for almost a week but was released in time for my birthday which of course I mostly spent asleep.
Anyway what you may not know is my eye sight is just now returning to the better part of normal. To say the least the summer has been interesting....
My two good mysteries that I have read are: MISS DIMPLE DISAPPEARS by Mignon F. Ballard and this is set in 1942 in the united states. The setting is Elderberry, Georgia and all the young men in town have left for war.
Our main character's name is Charlie Carr and she is a school teacher. Anyway this a very cozy historical mystery and I hated to see it end.
The other mystery is PINNED FOR MURDER by Elizabeth Lynn Casey and is an excellent sewing mystery. You do not have to know anything about sewing to enjoy this book. The main…

Guest Blogger - Alice Duncan

Happy Independence Day to all of us who live in the USA! And happy July to everybody in general!

You know, I was reading a book recently (KATHRYN: Days of Struggle and Hope, by Donna Fletcher Crow), and the book has renewed my wonder at the resilience of the people who settled the United States.

No matter what our country’s come to (and I can’t help but have the sinking feeling that we’ve passed our prime), you really have to honor the folks who came to the New World for whatever reason—and there were many reasons besides seeking freedom to express religious views without fearing retribution. In KATHRYN, Donna tells the tale of a young woman and her preacher father who leave the relative civilization of Nebraska to brave the desert nothingness of Idaho before there was any way to irrigate the land they attempted to farm. I think we sometimes forget how much people struggled to conquer a new land in order to gain independence and security for themselves and their families.

As a matter of …