Monday, February 27, 2012

Academy Awards

I watched the whole show last night which means I am seriously dragging today, but it was fun.  Lord knows, a lot better than last years.

Billy is a great host and lots of fun , though he did seem more restrained this year.  I enjoyed his 'I know what you are thinking' segment as well as the many clips they had with Actors sharing their love of movies.  What makes us love a movie often is vary hard to articulate and I thought some of them did a great job.  Didn't really get the Cirque du Soliel's act in the whole scheme of things (though they were excellent of course).  Was glad they didnt perform all the songs, that is often one of my least favorite parts of the show for some reason. 

As for acceptance speeches - Octavia Spencer made me tear up and Jean Dujardin made me grin.  Christopher Plummer had a great speech as well.

Of course I loved many of the fashions (though I thought Sasha Baron Cohen's ash thing on the red carpet was a bit inexplicable..  Some of favorite looks were Gwenyth Paltrow, Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis and Penelope Cruz.  Loved Brad, George and Stacy but though Angelina's dress structure was a bit weird and off for me.

Gotta admit, it may be a bit cheesy but it is fun!


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