Thursday, February 23, 2012



With the winter I am seeing ants everywhere today. I don't like this because if it's February and I am seeing ants in June I will probably be seeing creatures that make my skin crawl. it does seem to me that I might have to prepare for an ant incvasion and probably a fly invasion. Insects and bugs are not my thing so I do find them unerving which is a shame because I live on the ouskirts of town and when have flood waters every creature shows up. I don't think the pest control guys have to worry about going out of business at least not before the end of the world.

I do know it probably will be a long hot spring let alone a long long summer here in Parsons and probably throughout Kansas and our four state area this year.

I wish I could this amusing but I am not a person who can find amusement in bugs. Unless it's spiders I am not afraid of bugs and insects although I am allergic to wasp and bees. Oddly enough if I am out for a walk I never think of insects or bugs but if I am sitting in my yardswing or in the house it seems like an invasion and not of the body snatchers which would make it interesting. LOL Okay I've bugged you enough today.



  1. I used to get ants a LOT in years past. Found peppermint oil along their path helped a LOT. And yes they don't HURT anything but you still feel icky just seeing them. Of course it would be great to have our homes be a bug-free zone but that will never happen. But less is MUCH better.

    Normally I am not too bad about them but those giant palmetto ones really creep me out. And some can be pretty (OUTSIDE) like mantises.

    I dotn normally mind bees if they just cruise by but when they linger and try to get into my food, not so much...

    Flies are the ones I really dislike buzzing and driving me to distraction! The was a great horror short film on that I remember - maybe one of the Masters of Horror series...

    And ticks -- they just spread too many diseases...

    Alright now I DO have bugs on my brain...


  2. Yes flies can be thick here and as for me it's spiders I can't stand but the ants are sooo annoying and never ending. Anyway yep this topic was bugging me.


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