Monday, February 6, 2012

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Okay so it's February and all thoughts turn to romance. Howwever if you're like me you might like your romance with a twist. Such as a twist of the knife in someone's back, or you might like a dangerous man dark man.....maybe you like your romance with a dash of poison or a deadly encounter.

You see I am not exactly the hearts and flowers kind of woman I actually really enjoy Valentine's Day because it can show the many layers of a persons darkside.

So no matter what you read tell us some of your favorite authors who bring out the darkside of their characters? If you simply must talk about the sweet romance (which is fine) are there any that do it with humor? Maybe dark humor?

By way of Promo there are a lot of cozy authors whose book are being released this week and probably next week so be sure to visit your bookstore soon. Or your online bookstore soon.......

lastly has anything from the darkside of romance ever happened to you or anyone you know?




  1. Darkside? Mostly I would say I like mine with a lot of paranormal. And very erotic.

    But in real life - I have had mild stalkers and weird encounters and my friend had a break-in. The dark really has nothing to say for it in the real world.

    Fiction and Reality need to stay very far apart in that regard.


  2. Yep I got sidetracked as I just really wanted everyone to tell us about their favorite darkside books or paranormal books. This is what happens when I don't have enough coffee and then I get sidetracked.

  3. I like Caroline Hart's Death on Demand series and the balance between Max & Annie's love and the mayhem that surrounds them. I'm also a sucker for ghost love stories. LOL

    1. Carolyn Hart's 'Death On Demand Series' is the cozy series I cut my teeth on as my 'late' mentor, Monette Cummings told all about the series and wanted me to read them. After that I was hooked on reading and writing cozies. However some of my favorite other genres are ghost stories, legal thrillers, paranormal I really enjoy witches.LOL I love humorous mysteries and historical mysteries. True Crime I am growing m0ore invovled with and of course my latest fun thing is detective novel and noir mysteries.

  4. These days I read tons of True Crime which is often about the darkside.

    But I think maybe vamps and shifters are my faves - be it Charlaine Harris, JEnnifer Estep, Jeanine Frost, KEri Arthur or Kellie Armstrong...


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