Thursday, February 9, 2012


How many of you like to paint? have you ever taken any art classes? Have you ever entered any art in a contest and won? has anyone ever done any stain glass? Did you liek working with stained glasss? Ever did any glass blowing?




  1. I have no skill at all but it is fun on occassion. When I was a kid I won best art in summer recreation camp. LOL But painting is not my forte. I love watching glass blowing and the results. And I love stained glass but no - I have not tried either.


  2. I took watercolor class and I enjoyed it.

  3. I took some art classes from different individuals, but not at college. One of them was a private instructor. The other two instructors were through my community. I can watercolor and do acrylic, but I am still learning. I have not taken an oil class. I would love to learn more. ... I admire stain glass, but I do not know how to do it. I stare at it in the store and wonder. I own at least one stain glass piece. :)


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