Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carolyn Hart

I think every reader should have an author speciality, (maybe more than one). I recently decided to make Carolyn Hart my speciality for the year 2012 as it seems a nice fit. You see I usually spend every summer rereading some of her mysteries. I love the Death On Demand Series so for the rest of 2012 I am going to reread and read (any new ones) that I can make time for and review them for our new to cozy readers who may not know of her series. She has three series total but for this year I will only concentrate on "Death On Demand" Just yesterday I finished The Christie Caper and fell in love with Agatha Christie Mysteries all over again. Of course this is thanks to Carolyn Hart and with the warmer weather I can sit in my yardswing after my own writing session is over each day, read a Carolyn Hart Mystery and relax my mind and body.

Sometimes it's just good to go back a revisit old friends...I must admit the rest of the time I read I will be reading other books and most recently just started Lorraine Bartlett's The Walled Flower.......but afternoon reading will be my way of revisiting old friends.

New friends of course are always welcome and I have fallen in love with Lorraine's series so today I am feeling very lucky and very positive about my reading goals.



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  1. Wow, I don't know how this author got under my radar but I will promptly rectify that :D


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