Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Deader Homes & Gardens



Hardcover Myseries Series

ISBN: 978-0-312-36362-8

After their honeymoon Claire and Peter are back home sharing a two bedroom apartment with their daughter Caron and most of the  time Carons BFF is there which means Clair needs a new home and she would like to move while she is still sane. The problem is there is nothing in Farberville, Arkansas for rent or to buy.

The real estate agent Angela Delmond makes one last effort to find Claire and Peter the house of their dreams as she shows Clairie a home that is not yet on the market. Claire falls in love with the house and all would be well if Angela hadn't disappeared while showing Claire the house.

No Angela and it turns out the owner of the house lives in Florida. The other problem is he doesn't know if he can sell Claire the house. There are legal issues. However he might be able to lease her the house until it's for Claire to buy.

This would all be happily house after if Terry the owner hadn't been poisioned and soon after died.

More teen angst and drama are on the scene and this time it's not Caron or Inez but a relative of the people who are holding up the purchase of Claire's dreamhouse.

More people die and pretty soon Claire realizes if she hopes to move into the dream house she better figure out who is murdering the family and for what reason they are being murdered.

DEADER HOMES & GARDENS By Joan Hess will delight many mystery readers. Her killer wit and quirky characters are met with a cunning plot and a family plot to die for...

I give this book in the series 8 out of 10.



  1. You just had to do it, right? Now I have ANOTHER book ordered from the library which will make my pick up stack even larger and heavier... SHEESH!

    I love Joan's books so yes I'm going to read it. Even my partner enjoys her stories so it will be doubly loved.

  2. Yep Nora I had to because she doesn't have books come out as often as she used to write them. You and your partner will enjoy this one as I didn't delve into everything in the review. I only wrote enough to hit the highlights. There is something for everyone in this book.

  3. I have arwarded you the Liebster Blog Award. See my blog for details: :) Cathryn

  4. you truly saved a home from what appeared to be a predictable future fire given your review and curiosity.


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