Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Malice DOmestic

I know our authors are looking forward to Malice this week. I know i can't wait to see who wins the coveted teapot this year.

Now though I want to ask this question...

"Do you know how many series your favorite authors write? I know one of my favorite authors is Lorraine Bartlett and she writes three series. This is one busy author.

I respect an author who willingly gives up her/his time to write multiple series. Now I have to wonder what their dreams are like each night? So many characters, plots and subplots but still I bet there is never a dull moment in their dreams.

As a reader do you dream about characters etc...?

Anyway I can't wait to hear all about malice this year. I'm afraid it might always be a tad too expensive for me to attend but I can always live vicariously through others that have the good fortune to attend, win and inspire others on their career paths.

Okay I am keeping this short as I have only returned home from vacation and I am still not caught up on rest.


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  1. Sometimes I dream about a character, especially if I just finished the book and I LOVED it.


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