Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Town in a Wild Moose Chase

Town In a Wild Moose Chase by B.B. Haywood is the third book in the “Candy Holliday” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, February 2012

It’s winter in Cape Willington—and trouble is about to walk right into Candy’s life. First, town hermit Solomon Hatch stirs things up by claiming to have seen a dead body in the woods with a hatchet in its back. Then, a mysterious white moose starts appearing around town in the strangest of places.  Meanwhile, the town’s annual Winter Moose Fest has drawn plenty of out-of-towners who’ve come to enjoy the Sleigh and Sled Parade, the ice-sculpting exhibition, and the Moose Fest Ball. As Candy runs around town covering events for the local newspaper, she begins to suspect a link between the body in the woods, the white moose, and several of the town’s weekend visitors. But as she hunts for the killer, she’s the one who’s prey.

Something is amiss in Cape Willington and Candy is pulled into the fray. When she starts checking into things, nothing is as it seems. This was a fun read and I enjoyed all the elements that went into this nicely-done plot. This evenly-paced tale boasts a great mystery that kept me turning the pages and likable characters. This was good read in this pleasantly charming series.


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