Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot Books

Hot books:

It's hot for most of the country so my question today is "What books are sizzling to be read  in your to be read piles?"

I should make another trip to the library but I have a couple of books that I want to read. First I have to say I am still rereading some of the Carolyn Hart Mysteries. Currently HoneyMoon For Murder has my attention.

My tbr list for this week is:

SENTENCED TO DEATH by Lorna Barrett (this was a birthday present from Terri this year).

TOAST MORTEM by Claudia Bishop (A birthday present from Glenda a year or two ago)

A DECADENT WAY TO DIE by G.A. McKevett (from the author herself and signed) so these are what I know I will be reading.

Plus the Carolyn Hart Books.

Now from what I have been reading. Well I can't brag enough on the Carola Dunn Mystery GONE WEST what a delightful and fun way to spend a summer day or two.

I also read POPPY DONE TO DEATH by Charlaine Harris I have to say Charlaine has a magical touch no matter what series she write and this book I almost devoured. I haven't had a lot of reading time since moving to Blue Springs, Mo but by golly once I started this book there was no stopping me.

I think sometimes it has to be this way on reading when you get too busy or in a slump. You pick up a book and think well I'll give it a try and the next thing you know you are lost in a fictional world and do not want to come up for air. I love it when this happens because it usually helps me out of my reading slump or reminds me that sometimes you have slow down and enjoy the written page.

Thank you Charlaine for giving me back the magic of words this summer.

Happy hot Reading,


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  1. Never sure what's up next since my moods are so mecurial. But currently I am struggling a bit with a Marian Babson Trixie and Evangeline book. Which is strange because normally I LOVE this series. I just feels jerky and forced.



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