Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: The Dark Age by Jeff W. Horton

The Dark Age - By Jeff W. Horton

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  • 500 years before an EMP took out all technology and the world descended into a new Dark Age.  But now the effects of the pulse are finally wearing off and two groups (The Clansmen - warriors and The Catholic Church) are looking for pieces of a map which will lead the way to find The mysterious Oracle which is prophesied to begin the new Golden Age.  However, if this power ends up in the wrong hands like the villianous Kraken, it could make the Dark Age seem wonderful in comparison.

    This is the second book in the Survivors of the Pulse series and I don't feel like I lost anything by jumping right in.  I think it stands well alone.  The characters, Especially Ferrell, Brother Sebastian, Alex and David-Michael were very likeable and I was rooting for them.

    The Kraken was truly an evil master warlord and therefore quite the dangerous advesary for our seekers.The battles were intense and the Oracle fascinating. 

    Really enjoyed this story


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