Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review- Dead Ends by Sandra Balzo

Dead Ends by Sandra Balzo is the first book in the “Main Street” mystery series. Publisher: Severn House Publishers, September 2012

Autumn comes early to Sutherton, NC, bring with it the small town’s life blood-tourists. But one particular trio of fall visitors has journalist AnnaLise Griggs worried: Benjamin Rosewood, his wife Tanja, and their daughter, Suzanne.  AnnaLise and Ben have history, a relationship she can’t excuse herself for starting and one he, seemingly, can’t forget. But when Tanja Rosewood is killed on the mountain roads, it seems a tragic accident. Until, that is, there’s another death, forcing AnnaLise to confront just how far human beings will go to get-and keep-what they believe is theirs.

AnnaLise gets involved in a murder when her married ex-lover arrives in town with his wife and child. By asking questions, AnnaLise suddenly becomes a threat to a killer who’s hiding in plain sight. This was a good read and the author did a great job in keeping me in suspense with the many twists and directions the story took in unraveling and exposing a killer. AnnaLise is a strong yet vulnerable heroine as her search for answers brings her face-to-face with some of her own past actions. This character-driven whodunit boasts a wonderful supporting cast, good conversations and southern charm. The ending left us with new possibilities and I look forward to reading the next book in this charismatically appealing series.





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