Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Fire Engine Dead - Sheila Connolly

Nell Pratt runs a nonprofit in Philly.  And after a fire destroys the collection of the local Firemens Museum, she gets involved in discovering who the arsonist is via her conenctions inthe museum community. 

Connolly does a great job telling the history of firefightingfrom Benjamin Franklin on.  It is a subject I have always been fasincated by since the insurance agency I worked for back in the late 90s/early 90s.  They had their own fire musuem of historical items that firefighters came in for other areas to see.  It was really cool and I thought of it a lot while reading this book.  The collection's losses and the sadness of the museum for their losses as well as the spirit of the firefighters in rebuilding the collection were all very believable to me.

I have to say too that I liked Nell as a heroine in that she didnt take the foolish chances you see in a lot of cozies and she shared what she learned with the police.  And she is a fighter as well.
Pretty satisfying book


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