Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Buried in a Book - Lucy Arlington


Author: Lucy Arlington

ISBN: 978-1-61173-435-5

Genre: Mystery

 Lila Wilkins is a former newspaper journalist and she needs a job. in the classified ads she finds that Novel Ideas is looking for an intern and since she wants to be a literary agent Lila applies for the position. It isn't one of literary agent instead she is the read the synopsis, query letters and manuscripts and if she finds something that one of the many agents working at the firm should consider it is her job to get the piece in front of the perspective agent. Lila then gets the honor of rejecting the rest and while it is time consuming and the bottom of the agency poll she is excited to have a job.

On the homefront her teenage son is full of angst and in trouble. Lila fears they may lose the house so she puts it up for sale and Lila and her son move in with her unconventional mother.

Then one day her world changes for the worst when a man she thinks is homeless but a man who wrote a book and submitted the manuscript to Novel Ideas is discovered dead. While the man may have smelled and was a bit odd she still feels bad and wonders what happened. Turns out it was murder and Lila wants to know why anyone would murder a homeless man who dies at her agency.

Soon the trail leads to birdhouses, suspects right under employment roof and then Lila realizes she doesn't know who she can trust and uncovers one secret after another. When a second murder happens she knows that she must uncover who the murderer is as he or she has her in their sights.

BURIED in a BOOK by Lucy Arlington is the best mystery I read in 2012 and I have to say I am hooked on the series. I have spent the past month raving about this book to whomever will listen to me. The subject matter is a bit unconventional in spots but somehow in this one mystery it works. This series is why we have Malice Domestic because it's books like this that need a front row seat with public viewing.

I give BURIED in a BOOK ten out of ten stars and if I could give it more I would.


Pamela James


  1. Oh, she's a "slusher". I used to do that for my niece when she was an editor at TOR/Forge a number of years back. I never did find out if any of the things I liked ever made it into print though.


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