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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

True Crime TV

True Crime:

Do you watch true crime shows? If you do which ones are your favorites? I love Mainstreet Mysteries, The Neighbor Next Door, Who The Bleep Did I Marry?, City Confidental, Mysteries On ID, Hardcover Mysteries, Power Privledge and Murder and there are a few more. I find these shows informative and interesting.

Since I write mysteries I am always interested of the motives and personalites of murderers. I also find it good research into character and plot.

Why do you watch this type of programming?

have no fear I still watch other show such has Murder She Wrote reruns, Perry Mason reruns and I still love Criminal Minds, Castle, Vegas etc.....

Of course Downton Abby is probably the reason why Sundays have become my favorite day of the week.

Currently on netflix I am trying to work my way through the whole series of Rosemary & Thyme. British mysteries are soooo great and I love the humor so many of them have.


Okay your turn.....





  1. I watch them. Mostly because of the pyschology, but also the tools that are used to catch these monsters. I like True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, Stalked, Dark Minds, The New Detectives, among others.

    Truth is often stranger (and more horrifying) than fiction.


  2. It is very interesting how they catch the murderer. I notice a lot of the time it's ordinary citizens or family members who make all the difference in catching the killer.


  3. Tips are important. The shame is that so many people are cranks and waste their time

    1. I agree the tips can lead to nowhere but on the off chance that they do lead to the kiler they have to follow up. Lots of deadends. The internet also makes it such a small world.

  4. I've never gotten into the true crime drama shows. Don't watch the so-called reality show either. Guess I'm too much of a fiction buff.