Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ready for a New Month

Ready for a new month:


As my months go February wasn't bad at all but I am glad we are just a few weeks way from spring. I could stand to see some spring flowers and it will be nice to open windows and take longer walks.


With the arrival of spring comes a whole host of new books by our favorite authors and new authors. I just finished reading THE CHRISTIE CURSE by Victoria Abbott, I love this new series. I hope you will add this book to your reading list.

I just started reading A DEADLY GRIND by Victoria Hamilton so far I count myself lucky to another good book to read.


I am also trying to finish up A KILLER READ by Erika Chase and this is another series that has my heart. I hope by reading these wonderful books that this is a sure sign my spring actually will be something to look forward to and I think it will.


On a personal note my son Jay, graduates from college this spring and will be moving to Nebraksa to go to law school. I will finally be able to tackle the spare room and do something with my mother's belongings so maybe I can have more than a path in that room.  I am also cross stitching a small spring piece that I hope to have finished over the next week.


March also is a big birthday month in our family. We have two daughter's with birthdays and three children with wedding anniversaries. Then I have two grandchildren with birthdays for the month of March. I think this should nicely fill my month.


Lots to look forward to but I do live in Kansas which means it's also tornado season so I don't put up my hanging baskets or plant my flowers until at least April sometimes May.


I look forward to getting out and about this spring as I have been shut in too long this winter. I finally replaced my car that my daughter wrecked last fall and one of the main things I look forward to is spending more time at the local library.


I look forward to interviewing more authors for our blog, hearing all about Malice Domestic and I recently as in just yesterday have an idea for a new mystery series. The research and writing the book ought to be a ton of fun. I started a little of the research last night. I'm already hooked and can't wait to delve into deeper research, of course writing the book will be a fun project.


Also I have to say I look forward to eating the spring/ summer fruits. I love watermelon and cantaloupe but plenty of other things as finally we are close to saying goodbye to winter and embracing spring.


Now if I can just keep the sinus headaches, sneezes and clogged head at bay this might be the best spring I have had in a few years.





  1. Pamela, I hope the tornado season passes all of us and that the spring flowers grow beautifully for you.

  2. Thank you Annette and yep we do have some bad storms. I've already been through one tornado in my youth and one tornado since living in Parsons. Enough I say...


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