Monday, February 11, 2013



I hope this blog finds our east coast friends safe and well this morning. Here in Kansas the high is 50 today. The thing is how does anyone put away the previous seasons clothes because we are going through all the seasons all the time. This makes for bad closet space. Dresser drawers are overloaded. Two weeks ago I actually wore sandals one day and two days later I wore boots. It's crazy and in the past month we have broken records. The good news is it's made for some interesting days.

On a completely unrelated topic this week is Valentines Day. What was the best Valentine or Valentine's Present you ever received? I used to love Valentine's Day when I was in school and we exchanged Valentine's. I must confess to loving the heart shaped cookies more. To this day I would rather have a heart shaped cookie than candy. I admit I loved this little candy hearts with the sayings on them such as "Be Mine" LOL

Now days I am very easy to please with Valentine's Day I just love Valentine Socks...LOLOLOl to each his own right? My sister still likes the gushy stuff but for me I love socks....

Mostly I like cards and a good meal. This year we are going out on the Saturday after Valentine's Day with my sister and brother-inlaw to eat.

Okay off to look for a Valentine's mystery to read this week.


Pam who in my heart thinks this is a blood thirsty holiday.



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  1. I love socks too - mom got a pair for me(I think at Kmart) of grey ones with read vampire face that says Love Bties



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